A new strategy for window & door pans that saves time and money.

Ready Sill Pans are new products designed by TLS Laboratories. Ready Sill is designed to solve the problems with current window and door pans. Specifically, Ready Sill pans are very effective pans that will:

  1. Save you money compared to the use of metal pans.

  2. Be on the job when the doors and or windows are delivered.

  3. Fit the opening perfectly.

  4. Because they are not metal, they will not sweat or have problems with water condensation.

  5. Because they are not hard plastic, they will not crack or twist in the heat.

  6. Because they are not sticky on one side of the bituminous membrane, they have no compatibility issues with any sealant that may be used.

We have developed Ready Sill products for large pocket door systems (Western Door Products) , French door systems and any type of window system you may be using.

Ready Sill products use a bituminous waterproofing material encased in sheets of plastic for easy use. Order by size and the products will be shipped in individual boxes that may be kept with the window or door products, then spread to the openings with the windows and doors.




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