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Happy Customer (Marine Corp Rules!)

Ray Lopez

Dredden Testimonial for TLS Laboratories

I have known and worked with Gene Summy for over 20 years. Gene’s passion for solving

complicated water intrusion problems led him to the development of the TLS Corner Flash

window system. His easy to use system addresses a multitude of challenges when flashing

recessed windows, regardless of the depth of the recess. The uniqueness of his system is that it

will conform to the slope of any window sill.

Gene’s reputation within the Southern California building community is widespread. He’s known for

his integrity, reliability and for bringing realistic value driven solutions to complicated problems.

We recommend the use of the TLS Corner Flash system to all our clients.

Fernando Laullon, AIA, NCARB
Executive Vice President

Excellence, leadership, self-sacrifice, and humility describe Gene Summy.  And so it's no wonder than as a partner in the weatherization industry, my company has sought a close alliance with him over more than two decades.

We've incorporated Gene and his company into our business for product development, spec-writing, training and development, and field forensics. He has made our company better and in turn--we've been a better supplier to our customers and partners as well.

Gene has a way of demonstrating complex details in an easy way to understand and apply--and this makes him ultra-valuable to our business.  He's also helped develop new paths of sales opportunities and his commitment and delivery process are precise and on-time.

We continue to seek new ways to align with a partner with the best partners--and in Gene Summy--we've found only the best.

Jeff Wedge
VP Sales
Henry Company

"I have worked with Gene Summy and TLS Labs for close to 20 years.
During this time period, Gene has provided expert counsel for both common and complicated window installation.  His expertise in forensic analysis of failed installations enables him to provide keen insight into best practices to prevent failure.
Gene has assisted with our window install details and provided jobsite training.  We’ve taken advantage of the TLS Labs testing facility to conduct tests of our Weather Resistive Barriers and Window Flashings.
Gene and his crew are true professionals.  They are highly respected in the window industry for their manufactured flashing products and their expertise in application of our flashing and sealant products."

Kent Lewis

Fortifiber Building Systems Group

"I have worked with Gene for the last 15 years through various challenges and can attest that he has a great approach to not only field conditions, but with researching and investigation water intrusion assemblies. Gene and his team are honest and have great integrity. I firmly believe Gene is a great asset to the construction industry as a person and as a water intrusion specialist."

Sam McInnis

The Picerne Group

“Whether it be proactively assisting in developing simple solutions to complex design challenges pre-construction, or forensically identifying sources of water intrusion post-construction, Gene and his team at TLS Labs are true experts.  I continue to be impressed by their professional, timely and courteous service.”

Shawn Reed
Robbins Reed General Contractors

"My company Greenovation sells and installs window and doors. I have had a great working relationship with Gene Summy and the TLS Labs crew for over 15 years. We were introduced by a large home developer that wanted to use the "Corner Flash" system on recessed window applications. Gene instructed my crew on the correct way to use his corners in conjunction with the flashing products we were currently using. We've been using his product with great success ever since. I will not install recessed window without using Gene's flashing corners. We have also begun using the TLS Lightning Flash corners for flush set windows.
Gene is incredibly knowledgeable in the areas of leak detection, best practices for a waterproof building envelope, and window and door flashing details. He has become sort of a mentor to me and I have learned much from him. I believe TLS and Gene have helped me grow from an average window installer to a great window installer. I give Gene and TLS Labs my full recommendation. Do not hesitate to call TLS for your project."

Scott Simons

“Gene and his experts at TLS laboratories represent a rare and valuable service group in the homebuilding industry. They are reliable in their problem solving abilities and take a proactive approach to preventing issues from arising. Laing Luxury Homes considers them an integral part of our team and risk management area.”

Tom Redwitz
Laing Luxury Homes

“Quality and long term performance are important. TLS Labs has joined with design professionals and TradePartners to identify products, materials and methods that yield the desired performance important to homebuyers. I recognize Gene Summy’s knowledge and passion, and appreciate the years we’ve worked together. His experience with windows, weatherproofing materials, and installation methods has helped our trades and field personal understand the critical quality requirements for window performance and installation into the exterior weatherproofing system of a home. The TLS Team has worked with our field construction staff in a productive and collaborative way. I compliment Gene Summy and the TLS Team for their contributions to the homebuilding industry.”

Robb Pigg
Corporate Vice President / Operations
Shea Homes

“For the last five years we at Shea Homes have partnered with TLS Laboratories to improve the quality of the homes we deliver to our customers. One of our goals has been to greatly reduce the amount of window related rain leaks. Having just gone through the winter of 04/05 with minimal leaks reported in the communities where our program with TLS was implemented. I would say the program is working very well. ”

Dennis Williams,
Director of Customer Service,
Shea Homes Southern California

“My experience with TLS was nothing short of remarkable. They are completely professional at all levels, have great ability to recognize and diagnose, and offer effective solutions to difficult technical problems. Gene and his Teams interaction with our Subcontractors was clear, succinct, and well received, TLS established its credibility here in the valley and is recognized as a significant resource in problem analysis and solutions.”

Jim Warhurst
Six Sigma Black Belt
Pardee Homes

“We work with TLS labs to help solve some of the tough water intrusion problems builders experience. They are an important resource we call on for their real-world perspective.”

Jim Rossner
Fortifiber Building Systems Group

“TLS has been a wonderful supplier for Milgard Windows. Whenever we need windows tested, they react quickly to our time lines and work extremely well with our field personnel.
The test results are based on industry standards and their reports are well documented with photographs and thorough explanations. I would recommend TLS to anyone that needs fair and comprehensive window testing.”

Gary Hoffman
Milgard Windows

“I have had the opportunity to work with Gene Summy on many occasions over the last several years. I have found him to be knowledgeable, professional and extremely reliable. Whenever I want an expert opinion about windows, or if I need to recommend a window expert to someone, Gene is my first choice.”

Bob Rettig
Bob Rettig Construction and Consulting

“TLS Labs have worked with me as a team member on various projects ranging from custom town homes and apartments to class A office buildings where we felt it necessary to insure our selves with a water intrusion expert such as Gene. We have always felt a high comfort level knowing that we had such a highly qualified individual and company on our team. TLS has proven there selves time and time again to insure success with our projects and give our owners piece of mind.”

Jim Knorr / Legacy Building Services

“California’s building business is the largest industry in the state with the least amount of quality control. Leaking windows is one of construction’s major defects, causing over 2 billion dollars in monetary losses. Your creation of a window installers school and certifying program at your facility is inspired. Your seminar at the builders conferences educating contractors on the proper window installation methods is enlightened. Whether you are testing new window installations in La Jolla, San Clemente, Santa Barbara, or teaching others, your passion for quality makes you stand out in our industry. Your sincerity and integrity are attributes that make customers like me keep coming back. Your experience, skill, and professionalism are obvious to all of us that work with you in the construction forensics profession.”

Jim Stevens CSL 227624
Engineering and Building Contractor

“My client, a window manufacturer, was alleged to have defectively designed and manufactured windows installed in hotels nationwide. Gene Summy and TLS Labs had the experience and knowledge necessary to help us defend the case. Gene was able to identify defects in the building envelope that allowed for water infiltration. He was critical of the testing methods used by another window testing company that didn’t follow AAMA standards, and ultimately helped us posture the case for settlement.”

Cecilia A. Horan
Hinshaw & Culbertson LLP
Chicago, Illinois

“As District Sales Manager for Whitecap Construction Supply in Northern California I have been trying to solve leaky window problems for customers for years. Gene Summy of TLS Labs has been instrumental in helping me find solutions. His pre-folded corners are the only good answer I’ve found for recessed window applications. Gene’s expertise is invaluable as a resource for anything regarding window setting or remediation.”

Pat Esrey
White Cap Construction Supply
San Jose, CA

“Dear Gene,
Wow! Are we glad we met you! Our home leaked for years without anybody able to figure out the reasons until you arrived. Thank you for your hard work.”

Donna Buono
San Clemente, CA

“Gene was contacted in September 2003 due to some very serious leak problems we had with windows being improperly installed by another contractor. He came highly recommended to us, and we wanted only the best…. Gene and his team worked quickly and efficiently to remedy all of our challenges…His team was prompt, pleasant, hardworking and left our home as clean as possible at the end of each work day. Gene’s knowledge and experience is reassuring and we would not hesitate to recommend him to our friends.”

Bruce and Allie North
Laguna Niguel, CA

“Gene was referred to us as a defense expert for an exclusive custom home in Bel Aire, California. We represented the window manufacturer who was being sued for defective product. The home was a mess. The home definitely had serious water intrusion problems. Initially, the plaintiffs brought action against the window manufacturer only. Everyone was certain the windows were the sole cause of the water intrusion experienced by this homeowner. Gene was the first expert to predict that the windows and doors may be fine, that the manufacturer may not have any responsibility. He brought in his team of testing experts, and was able to successfully demonstrate that the home had many serious water intrusion problems; the windows and doors however did not appear to contribute any water into the home. The insurance carrier and the window manufacturer are thrilled with Gene’s expertise. He may have saved them as much as a million dollars in costs of litigation and repair. I would highly recommend Gene Summy as a defense expert to any attorney in need of a true professional.”

Keith Cooper, Esquire
San Francisco, CA

“Every now and then a project presents itself to us as a problem child. Nothing seems to go right. Very few teams in the country are as talented at determining the sources of water intrusion; especially determining the cause as product failure or as installation failure. When we need answers that we can count on to be honest and accurate, we call Gene and his team at TLS Laboratories. We know they will tell us what we need to know to get the project back on the right track. ”

Chris Cole
Associated Building Supply
Oxnard, CA

“Thanks again for the great presentation at The University of California San Diego and going the extra mile (or 90). I think the guys really enjoyed it and I know I did. It’s always good to learn something new and have your opinions confirmed about the correct way to do things. You have a great product that is going to be very beneficial to the ultimate customer/consumer of our products.”

Brian Bishop
Structural Inspector, Instructor SDSU

“After almost 1 1/2 years of lip service and excuses on a brand new house, thank God we found Gene Summy of TLS Labs. They were professional and specific from the first contact. From the moment they arrived, TLS people were first class, protecting the hardwood floors where they would be walking to covering up all furniture and valuables with plastic to protect. In very short order Gene was able to identify the problems with leaking windows, installation and wall construction. Considering that time is of the essence in situations like this to stop the damage, Gene provided a detailed report in a timely matter to get things going ASAP. Gene and his people are trustworthy, professional and we will be using TLS to assure that future work is done correctly. Gene Summy and TLS Labs are the EXPERTS. ”

James Harrison
Eugene Oregon

“I have worked with Gene and his team at TLS Labs for years now. Recently we had had a large commercial project in Northern California with water intrusion problems. Other experts spent months on the investigations and got us nowhere. In fact their conclusions were incorrect; their incorrect conclusions would have cost my company 100’s of thousands of dollars. Gene and his team arrived and within 3 days had not only investigated the property, but also developed a solution for repairs. His correct conclusions saved my company 100’s of thousands of dollars because Gene proved that my company was not at fault. The solutions were adopted by the property owners and repairs were successfully performed. Now the property that was a problem for us is leak free. Everyone in the transaction is happy. Gene and his team are a first class outfit and I would work with them anytime. ”

 George Stoutenburg /Edge Development

Vice President / Service 

Dear Gene and all the TLS crew,

Thank you so much for making my home safe and worry free. You were fast, efficient, clean, friendly and extremely helpful and easy to work with. My windows, doors and walls look beautiful! In the heavy rains since you completed the work I haven’t seen a single leak. And thank you also for all of your advice and patience along the way.
You guys are great!

Katie M
Studio City (November 2011)

“Gene Summy and his team from TLS Labs recently worked with us at our home in La Jolla to resolve a water intrusion issue. Together with his very capable team, Gene identified the source of the intrusion and provided a very detailed report that was used by all involved parties to develop a solution for the source of the intrusion. As we were so impressed with Gene’s knowledge and passion displayed during the testing process and analysis, we then hired him to oversee the installation of our new windows and home enveloping. The window company also hired TLS to test the windows once installed. Gene was the respected authority that acted as a liaison between the window company, stucco company and us as homeowners. His knowledge, expertise and therefore, reputation in the industry is outstanding. We would highly recommend Gene and TLS Labs to identify and solve any water leak issues.”

Maureen and Robert Bauchman
Homeowners, La Jolla, CA

Dear Gene,

We can’t thank you, Percy, Epi and Doug enough for the wonderful work, support and referrals. You have restored the integrity of our home and we are forever grateful! You should receive one gift box for each of you- ENJOY!

Merriest of Christmases to you all!

Jim and Pam Campbell
San Clemente, CA (December 2011)

Dear Gene, Doug and the Gang,

Thank you for helping us and saving our wood floors from further damage!

WE Love You!!

James and Corine Nutting
Glendale, CA
May 30, 2012

Gene- Many thanks to you and your fabulous team there at TLS Labs.  I can’t tell you how much I appreciate your assistance and professionalism as well as the professionalism of all the guys at TLS Labs  particular Doug, Percy and Epi who kept me informed and walked me though the daunting process of investigating the source of my leak all the way through  to completion of  the corrective measures necessary  to repair and fix my home. The guys were…. aside from being extremely friendly….. always on time, fast, responsive and very efficient.  Everything was  back in perfect condition and now absolutely no leaks…. which gives me great peace of mind.  Thank you again.

Marybeth Murray
San Diego, CA   May 2012

"Dear Gene, The extraordinary experience I had with you, your team and your company shows a commitment to excellence. Such dedication to great customer service and exceptional knowledge is to be recognized. Gene, you are in a league of your own. Thank You!"

Marcia Volkmann
Aliso Viejo, CA

TLS Labs water tested all windows and doors in my home after a mold inspector found moisture in some of the walls in my home.  Darryl Grant at TLS Labs was a pleasure to work with through the entire process.  Darryl is professional, thorough, and well versed in water testing.  From our initial conversation through testing and continuing after the report was issued, Darryl was always available to answer my numerous questions.  During testing, the TLS team was efficient, friendly, and careful not to damage my home.  The water testing report I received from TLS Labs was thorough and clear.  I would recommend TLS Labs to anyone who needs water leak testing.

Susan Vavak
Irvine, CA   September 2022

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