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TLS Laboratories is a division of Builders Network, Inc. located in Laguna Niguel, California. TLS Laboratories was envisioned by Gene Summy in 1997. Gene owned a window and door supply company, selling windows and doors to some of California’s largest builders. After recognizing the need for qualified window experts in California, Gene founded TLS Laboratories.

By 1999 TLS Laboratories was busy helping many of California’s largest builders identify the methods and materials that should be used for window and door installations. What Gene pioneered in the California marketplace was water testing during the course of construction. Gene believed that a building should be water-tight (water resistant) prior to the application of stucco or siding. This concept of water testing during construction was new to the building industry in California.

This concept proved to be valuable and productive. Many lessons were learned about how to keep water outside the building envelope. Now, the builders that participated in this research in the early days (1999-2001) are experiencing terrific improvements in the reduction in warranty claims. The early 2004 and 2005 rainy seasons were very wet and these builders noticed huge savings as a result of dry homeowner properties. TLS Laboratories also helped builders identify and solve homeowner occupied leaks. The experiences of helping solve leaks both during construction and after homeowner move-in have given TLS Laboratories more experience than other professionals in their field.

TLS Laboratories has a special talent in tracking down difficult homeowner occupied leaks. Windows, French doors, roofs, walls, decks, chimneys, or any other leak will be tracked down by TLS Laboratories field technicians. Due to the experience in homeowner occupied homes, and water testing during the course of construction TLS Laboratories is able to take the lessons learned into the field and help builders build better homes. This has helped many builders avoid costly litigation and expensive repairs. Attorneys on both the plaintiff and defense sides of litigation recognize the abilities and insights of Gene Summy and his teams of technicians. Gene was named as an expert witness the 1st time in 1999 and every month takes on new projects that require the opinions of an expert.

TLS Laboratories is a proud Veteran owned company and employs veterans of the United States Military at every opportunity.

TLS Labs will never forget the events on 9-11-2001.  Every  T-shirt and Golf shirt we print for company use will have a reminder of 9-11-2001 on it. We are grateful for the events on May 1, 2011. We Will Never Forget either date. Never…


27324 Camino Capistrano #103, Laguna Niguel, CA 92677

855-TLS-LABS or 800-310-7673

Fax 949-348-7798

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